March 18, 2009

For All Those Godfather Fans…

Posted in Wednesday Weirdness tagged , , , , at 9:10 am by Sidney

Okay… It’s Wednesday Weirdness. Check out the photo below and leave a catchy caption in the comments.  There’s no prize this week, but what’s wrong with a little fun?


Here’s my try:
I’ll make her a pillow she can’t refuse…

I’m sure you all can do better!

Have fun!



  1. Tanya said,

    Perhaps it’s time Mrs. Kule discourages her four-year-old daughter’s obsession with the Mafia.

  2. Karin Shah said,

    His answer to her saying, “stop horsing around”!

    Karin Shah
    Available now!
    Samhain Publishing

  3. Foxhawke said,

    That’ll teach him!!!!

    Absoutely bizzare, Arianna

  4. Cory said,

    The Gift Horse thought a blue pillow and a Fedora were a good idea…well I guess he learned his lesson

  5. That is just too weird Arianna. You leave me speechless with that one LOL

  6. I guess the horses butt in her husbands bed!

  7. Frances said,

    LOL, I love all the responses. Excellent.

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