March 4, 2009

You are getting sleepy

Posted in Wednesday Weirdness at 11:45 am by Sidney

So, I’m pretty sure this is a doctored photo. If not, I so want to know where I can buy this clock. *evil maniacal laughter*


And, because it’s the first wednesday of the month, one lucky commenter will get… drum roll please… a clock! Just kidding. I’ll give you a $10.00 amazon e-certificate that you can use to buy a clock. Or if you really want a clock, I’ll see what I can find 🙂

The rules: Look at picture. Leave a caption. I will pull a random commenter from a hat and pick a winner. Oh, have fun is the most important rule 🙂





  1. Lori said,

    Will this day ever end? Apparently not.

    Lame! sorry! lol. It’s all i could come up with.

  2. Tess said,

    “Screw time!”

  3. Spring forward? Ha! I can spring forward and fall back all in the same day!

    Okay, that was lousy but this just wasn’t as easy as “a la commode” two weeks ago!

  4. Nicole North said,

    Aha! Someone has finally figured out how to put 48 hours in a day.

  5. This is how all my clocks will look to me come Monday morning.

  6. Caroline said,

    There is nothing unusual about Mr. Snail’s wall clock. It works perfectly fine….

  7. The downward spiral….

    sorry that clock is just way too depressing LOL

  8. Vicki said,

    And so begins and ends the days of our lives. Okay, not so good, but I really think the clock cool looking. 🙂

  9. Holly said,

    This is a hard one to think of a caption for… but very interesting. :0)

  10. Stephanie said,

    Time Warp Ahead!

  11. Janice Olson said,

    Is it just me, or are we spiraling out of time.

  12. Janice Olson said,

    Thought of another one –

    Times winding up!

  13. Where time disappears to…

  14. Janice Olson said,

    If you’re interested — here is one place to find a spiral clock, just not the one in the picture.

  15. K. Nelson said,

    Makes you feel a little dizzy…how about one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…floor!

  16. Donya Pedigo said,

    Endless journey through time. Why watch time when you have forever!! It only repeats itself anyway! Donya

  17. ariannaskye said,

    OMG! Thank you everyone for stopping by! Great captions!!! Woo hoo!!!

  18. When I say my day was screwed up, I really mean it.

  19. Lucy said,

    You are now entering the Twilight Zone…..

  20. That is very hypnotic! I can’t look at it when I need to work 🙂

  21. Okay, here’s my caption:

    The Time Flow


  22. Lara Lee said,

    LOL. Cool clock! Time has no beginning or end. Sorry, worked today and brain is dead, but I enjoyed everyone else’s offerings!


  23. Can you imagine what this would look like after a night of drinking??????

  24. Descending into the bottomless pit of Monday.

  25. Frances said,

    I thought about the Twilight Zone. The comments are great.

  26. Jamie Scott said,

    Does anyone know where to nuy a clock like that????

  27. emily said,

    Um, that caption should be “The annoying clock thing that never ends” weirdos, there everywhere!

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